The Sulcis offers beside the sea and the beaches a very attractive landscape. You will find many cultural attractions, you can walk in the footsteps of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians, and you will appreciate our varied cuisine.
The harbor promenade of Sant' Antioco invites you to stroll. Here there are cozy restaurants serving Italian and Sardinian cuisine. From here launch the boat tours along the cliffs of Sant' Antioco.
As well as to the nearby caves of Sciusciau.
In the forests of Sulcis you can go on long walks.

Besides the sea, the southern Sulcis offers its visitors a trip back in time to the nuraghi, temples, sacred wells, the giant graves, menhirs and the Domus de Jana (witch house), and the fortresses of the Phoenicians and Carthaginians.

In Sant 'Antioco you still will find the remnants of ancient Sulcis like Tophet, child cemeteries of the Phoenicians, the necropolis of the Phoenicians, the catacombs and several museums like the Maritime Museum, where the silk production of the Pinna nobilis, a typical Mediterranean mussel and the only woman in the world that is still able to process them. Nearby Gonnesa there is the nuraghican city of Seruci. A few miles away from Santardi you could visit the marvelous cave of Is Zuddas, one of the oldest stalactite caves in Europe.

The cuisine is simple, but authentic:

Cheese, saussages, the famous "Porceddu arrosto" - grilled piglet - fish and seafood, vegetables, sweets and honey and bread, that still is baked the traditional way in a wood-fired oven and served with tomatoes, olives and fresh ricotta cheese. Typical for our cuisine are as well Ravioli and Gnocchi Sardi.

Of course there are also the good DOC-wines, well known are those ones that are produced in the Cantina di Santardi exclusively from the grapes of Sulcis.
Major cultural events of the region are:

Matrimonio Mauritano, the Sardinian wedding. It takes place in traditional costumes dancing and singing in the first week of August.
Don't miss the famous Jazz-Festival in Sant' Anna Aresi and the Blues Festival in Narcao, where already well-known stars such as Dizzy Gilespie and Pat Metheny played on stage.